Re-Entry Permits in Thailand

Thailand Re-entry Permit

Holders of extended visas such as the Non-immigrant “OA” Long Stay Visa (Retirement Visa) and the One Year Extension of Stay Based on Marriage (Marriage Visa) are required to obtain a re-entry permit if they plan to leave the Kingdom temporarily within the validity period of their respective visas. Exiting the country without the said permit would cancel their visas.

If in case this happens, that is exiting the country without re-entry permit, they “may” still re-enter Thailand without applying for another visa but their stay would be limited to 30 days if they entered through the airports or 15 days if through land borders. This is popularly known as “visa free” entrance and this is limited to citizens of specific countries only. Nonetheless, if they do not opt for a visa free entrance, they may choose to apply another 90 Day Non-immigrant Visa and when granted, they have to apply for their respective visas’ extension.

Application for a re-entry permit can be done at the Immigration Office in Bangkok and Pattaya Immigration Office or at the Suvarnabhumi Airport among other Immigration Offices and the duration process may differ accordingly. The process may take longer, around 3 hours, when the application is lodged at the Immigration Office in Bangkok due to the volume of foreigners there as to compare with the office in Pattaya. Applicant may also choose to apply personally or through their respective agents but doing so with the latter would require them to execute Power of Attorneys.

Applicants can choose either the single entry or the multiple entry re-entry permits and their rates differ as well. The fee for single entry stands at 1,800 THB and 3,800 THB for multiple entry. If they deem necessary for a multiple re-entry permit because within the year of staying in Thailand, they are looking forward in traveling to other countries, the multiple re-entry permit would be a practical choice.

A re-entry permit application still requires an applicant to produce documents such as a truthfully and completely filled-up TM-8 Form, a 4 x 6 cm Photo and Photocopy of Passport (main page and the latest entry stamp). The applicant would then have to pay the applicable fee.

Foreign nationals may find the application process to be confusing. They may also have difficulty in understanding the importance of a re-entry permit and on how it would affect their visas. To be thoroughly informed of the whole procedure as well as to gain proper guidance on the application process, they can choose to consult with Law Firm in person or online.


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