Marriage in Thailand

In Thailand, getting married is a legal procedure that includes a number of steps, such as getting the required paperwork and registering with the local government. If you want to get married in Thailand, keep the following things in mind:

1. Age restriction: In Thailand, you must be at least 17 years old to get married. You must get your parents’ or legal guardian’s permission if you are under the age of twenty.

2. To get married in Thailand, you’ll need to present a number of documents, including your passport, an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry issued by your embassy or consulate there, and any divorce or death certificates you may have if you’ve previously been married. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must translate and legalize these documents into Thai.

3. Ceremony: You can opt for a Western-style ceremony, a traditional Thai ceremony, or a hybrid of the two. It is crucial to understand that in Thailand, a ceremony by itself does not legally register your marriage.

4. Registration: You must visit the Amphur Office (local registrar) in the district where you intend to get married in order to officially register your marriage. You will receive a marriage certificate from the Amphur Office, which needs to be translated into your native tongue and authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. Timeframe: The process of obtaining the necessary documents and registering your marriage can take several days to several weeks. It is best to prepare in advance and give yourself enough time to finish everything.

6. Same-sex marriage: Although same-sex couples can register as civil partners, same-sex marriage is not officially allowed in Thailand.

It is advised to contact your embassy or consulate in Thailand for the most recent information and advice, as rules and procedures may change depending on your nationality and the area where you wish to get married.

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