Retirement Visa for Thailand

Retirement Visa for Thailand

When considering Thailand as a retirement destination, it is already understood that you have spent a considerable amount of time researching about the application requirements and the procedure involved. While this is already a good precedent in your part, you still have to take into consideration that there may be details that you have missed or that you really need proper guidance from an immigration lawyer with extensive experience on processing Thai retirement visa. Nonetheless, for additional information or if you have not done an extensive research on the subject matter, the follow items will be of great help to you.

The Thai retirement visa is only applicable to you if you are 50 years old or above on or before the date of submission of your application. Meaning to say, even if you are qualified basing on other requirements but if you have not met the required age then you will not qualify for a retirement visa.

Yet, you also have to bear in mind that not all Royal Thai Embassies or Consulates can accept direct application for a retirement visa and this may include the Thai Embassy in your home country. If the office can then it will be very good for you but if it does not, you should not be in vain for you still have an option to obtain a Thai retirement visa and realize your dream of having a long term stay in the Kingdom.

What can happen if in case direct application is not possible is that you will have to apply for a Non-immigrant “O” Visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country. After being granted with the said visa, you will then have to travel to Thailand to activate the visa and while in the Kingdom but within 30 days before expiry of your current permit to stay, you may now choose to file your application for a retirement visa. In doing so, you will need the following:

  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate
  • Proof of Address in Thailand i.e. rental agreement, utility bills and etc.
  • Proof of Financial Capacity through an updated passbook and official bank letter.

The financial requirement can be satisfied by:

  1. A security deposit of at least 800,000 THB in a Thai Bank Account. This deposit should be at the said account not less than 2 months prior to your application or;
  2. Monthly income or pension of not less than 65,000 THB which is to be supported by an affidavit to be obtained from your Embassy or Consulate or;
  3. A combination of your bank account and income or pension totaling 800,000 THB.

You also have to consider that the monthly income or pension as well as the security deposit should be sourced out from abroad. The amount must come from outside Thailand and the amount must be considerable at 800,000 THB or 65,000 THB monthly primarily because of the fact that you, as a retiree in the Kingdom, is not allowed to work or earn income in any way. It is your security deposit or monthly income which will support you with your expenses while being retired. Further, the police clearance and the medical certificate may not be required if you will submit your application within Thailand’s borders.

Once granted with a retirement visa, you will still have responsibilities to do. Aside from being expected to respect the Thai laws and culture, you are also required to report your place of residence in the Kingdom every 90 days apart from the fact that you must refrain from working or earning income from a source in Thailand. Also, if you are to leave the country temporarily but within the validity period of your retirement visa, you will need to secure a re-entry permit first prior to your date of travel to avoid your visa from being cancelled.

In case your retirement visa is about to expire but you wish to extend your stay, you may apply for a renewal each year using the same requirements except for the finances as aside to the amount, it should be deposited at the Thai Bank Account at least 3 months prior as oppose to 2 months during the initial application.


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