Thailand Visa

Thailand Visa

When citizens of foreign countries visit Thailand, they are required to apply for and be granted with a particular visa primarily depending on the purpose of their travel to the Kingdom. One of these visas may have similar requirements to that of another Thai visa but applicants should be aware that the requirements may be similar such as the financial aspect of the application but the details are widely different i.e. 400,000 THB of deposited amount at a Thai Bank Account for a Marriage Visa and 800,000 THB.

Tourist Visa

A Thai tourist visa may allow the applicant to stay in Thailand for a period of 30 days or 60 days. It may also be single or multiple entry.


Work Visa

If the purpose of going to Thailand is to find work then he also has to apply for a work visa which must also be accompanied by a work permit when granted.


Retirement Visa

Aside from the financial aspect of this application, the applicant needs to be 50 years old on or before the date of application otherwise if he has not reached the mandatory age, automatically he is not qualified for the Thai retirement visa even if he is eligible basing on other requirements.


Business Visa

If the purpose of traveling to Thailand is to start a business then he has to obtain a Non-immigrant business Visa. This visa also needs to be accompanied by a work permit.

The above-mentioned visas are the common visas which foreign nationals apply for to gain entry to Thailand. For a more detailed background of these visa types and to ensure that he is applying for the correct type of visa, he may choose to consult with a Thai immigration lawyer. This will be added expenses to his part but ensuring that he is submitting the right documents for the right visa type is nonetheless crucial.


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